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Meet the father and son Herbalists, Master Fung Fung and John Fung

Master Fung Fung

  • Graduated in 1934 from the College of Chinese Medicine in Canton, China.
  • Practiced in Canton for 5 years; in Cholon, former South Viet Nam for 30 years; in Hong Kong for 10 years; and in the San Francisco Bay Area for 27 years.
  • Retired and passed away at age 96 in 2006.

John Fung:

  • Is a member of the Hong Kong Chinese Herbalist Association.
  • Began assisting and apprenticing with his herbalist father at age 12.
  • While keeping herbal medicine a hobby, obtained a BA (economics) from Berkeley in 1971, MA (international relations) from Chicago in 1978, and MS (engineering) from Stanford in 1989.
  • Worked as economist and engineer for a number of years while continuing to further his knowledge about Chinese herbal medicine.
  • Turned his lifetime herbal hobby into a full-time profession in 1993.
  • Conducts regular classes on Chinese herbs, Tai Chi, and Feng Shui.
  • In conjunction with father, produced 10 herbal formulas for sale by Health Concerns, a well-established herbal company in Oakland, California.

Books Published

Saigon: Thirty Years (written in Chinese)
By Dr. Fung Fung, 1987

Sixty Years In Search Of Cures
By Dr. Fung Fung and John Fung, 1994

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