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Herbalist John Fung helps you to improve your health the natural way with advice and formulas customized to your needs.

Click “Constitution” for a free assessment of your health constitution.

Click "Consult" to begin the process of individual consultation.

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The ancient Chinese healing methods inherited over the last millennia are most suitable for:

  • Non-emergency conditions such as allergy, skin rash, fertility, etc.

  • Chronic problems such as joint pains, anxiety, lack of energy, etc.

  • Maintaining and enhancing good health and balance.

John Fung represents the second generation to continue the family’s profession passed on by his father, master Fung Fung, who retired after 70 years of herbal practice in Asia and America.

The Fung family members have distinguished themselves in the field of Chinese herbs and healing methods. They continue to be a valuable resource in the community by helping and educating people, from both Eastern and Western cultures, for the pursuit of better health and happiness.

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